Gainesville Floral Exchange
635 Nw 13th St Ste C, Gainesville, FL 32601
Toll Free: 800-319-9338
24hr: 800-319-9338
Local: 352-338-9338


The FTD® Sunflower Basket
The FTD® Sunflower Basket Intercat-FTD216 US 62.99
The FTD® Summer in the Park™ Basket
The FTD® Summer in the Park™ Basket Intercat-FTD212 US 64.99
All For You™ Bouquet
All For You™ Bouquet D34038 US 69.99
Forever Dear
Forever Dear S404530 US 70.15
Rays of Solace Bouquet
Rays of Solace Bouquet S404529 US 70.15
Always Adored Bouquet
Always Adored Bouquet S114461 US 72.99

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